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Charles Santaniello

Painter’s Neck

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“This pain is getting so bad that I cannot do my job anymore.” Prolonged fixed positions of the neck, especially when looking up or down, cause strain and fatigue on the muscles of the cervical spine. When these muscles fatigue they cannot hold the normal curvature of the cervical spine and then the forces of stress start to impact the actual bones of the cervical spine. When you extend your neck (look up) there are…

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How to Choose a Denver Spine Surgeon

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The following guidelines will help you find a reputable spine surgeon in the Denver metro area.  Whether you have cervical spine pain, radiating arm pain or both, as these symptoms persist you may reach a point where conservative treatments aren’t enough to pursue a reasonable quality of life. Perhaps you have tried Ibuprofen, Aleve or Aspirin for several weeks or months without significant relief.  Perhaps you have tried formal physical therapy or chiropractic treatments without…

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