Considering Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery?

Cervical disc replacement surgery has become the new standard in neck procedures for spine health to alleviate neck and arm pain. This innovative new procedure has proven to be superior to cervical fusion, offering faster recovery to full physical activity, making it a better solution for patients suffering from cervical spine degeneration and other cervical disc-related issues. Contact us to connect with a skilled fellowship trained Denver spine surgeon today.

Why choose disc replacement surgery over cervical fusion procedures?

The standard for surgically treating disc degeneration and other neck problems has always been cervical spine fusion. While neck fusion has been highly successful, it often comes with limitations. Cervical disc replacement = less limitations.

Traditional cervical fusion: 3-6 months of post-operative restrictions
Cervical disc replacement surgery: 3-6 weeks of post-operative restrictions

Better flexibility

Cervical spine replacement discs were created to allow patients to have healthy, active lifestyles. They are designed to move when you move as neck mobility is preserved.

Higher patient satisfaction

Statistics continue to show higher satisfaction rates from cervical disc replacement versus cervical spine fusion over 24-month and 60-month time-frames.

Faster recuperation times

Patients who have a cervical disc replacement returned to work much faster on average than cervical spine fusion patients. Return to work for level 1 cervical disc replacement is 1 week or less in many cases depending on the type of work activity.

How it works…

See the actual disc in action and how it interacts with your natural motion.

Frequently asked questions

Just a short list of some commonly asked questions regarding disc replacement surgery. Contact us to learn more.

Will cervical disc replacement reduce my neck, arm and back pain?
Everyone is different, but studies have shown positive results in pain reduction after disc replacement surgery.  More studies have come out recently demonstrating superior results when compared with traditional fusion regarding recovery time and functionality.
Is this procedure covered by my health insurance?
Most likely. Approved by the FDA in 2013, disc replacement surgery has become widely accepted and practiced here in the US. Our office will obtain insurance authorization prior to surgery.
Where can I find a trained physician that performs this procedure?
Look no further. Please contact us via the form below and we will get you in touch with one.


See and hear some stories from satified patients.

“I wasn’t feeling sore from the surgery. Nothing. All my pain gone.” -Barbara

“This totally changed my life. I’m back to I was before.” -Chuck

“Proven to be superior to fusion. And that’s a remarkably high standard.” -Dr. Hisey


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