Want to know who the top spine surgeons in Colorado are?

Below is a list of the top Denver spine surgeons including those in surrounding areas beyond the Denver metro area.  The list is comprised based upon board certification, fellowship training, years of experience and patient satisfaction scores.

Denver Spine Surgeons

This Denver Spine Surgeon list is not exhaustive but provides patients with a reliable list of excellent surgeons who can be trusted to provide superior care and superior results.  This list is not meant to imply that surgeons who are not on this list are substandard, it simply means there is not enough information known the include them on the list.

This list is not ordered based upon Denver spine surgeon ranking and is not intended to put one surgeon in front of another based upon skill level.  Each name can be interchanged with another giving the list the ability to be utilized by the patient to pick any Denver Spine Surgeon listed and receive excellent care.

No surgeon on this list has given or received compensation for being on this list.  The cities listed are indicative of where the provider performs surgery.

Larry Lee
(Orthopedic Spine) Denver, Aurora, Parker, Centennial, Lone Tree

Eric Jamrich
(Orthopedic Spine) Lone Tree, West Denver, Lakewood

E. Lee Nelson
(Neurosurgery) – Boulder

Mark Robinson
(Neurosurgery) – Denver, Lakewood

Scott Stanley
(Orthopedic Spine) – Parker

Donald  Corenman
(Orthopedic Spine) – Vail

Michael Finn
(Neurosurgery) – University of Colorado

Sanjay Jatana
(Orthopedic Spine) – Denver, Lone Tree

Amit Agarwala
(Orthopedic Spine) – West Denver, Golden


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